Who Is Ben?

The identity of one of MHRA’s employees remains elusive. Whether or not ‘Ben’ is a real person or merely the clever guise used by a corrupt MHRA stakeholder is yet to be uncovered.

For over 6 months, we have been communicating and receiving correspondence from an employee working for the Communications and Engagement Team of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), who signed himself as ‘Ben’. However, Ben’s last name has remained undisclosed.

Whilst both his last name and the precise nature of his role have remained undisclosed, it quickly became apparent that Ben — whether a real person or merely the assumed identity of a corrupt MHRA stakeholder — fulfiled numerous, and often unconnected, duties.

The ever-elusive Ben appeared to take charge of answering customer service requests and responding to Freedom of Information requests concomitantly. Much to our interest, Ben was also the one who, having addressed a Freedom of Information request, would conduct an internal review, when so requested, of the response that he himself had provided.

How well Ben has fulfiled his responsibilities, and also how well placed or trained he was to address matters that would normally be handled by a dedicated department unconnected to a customer service and/or general enquiry service, are both up for debate.

And in light of his repeated delays and/or failures to address Freedom of Information requests within the 20-working-day legal limit, of his blatant ignorance of correspondence received from members of the public, and of the false information he has communicated as part of official responses to Freedom of Information requests, there can be no doubt that Ben has seriously failed to fulfil his responsibilities, whatever they may be.

But who is Ben, really?

His identity remains elusive. Without a last name, we have been unable to locate any public records or publicly available information about a person named ‘Ben’ who is also an employee of the UK medicines regulator.

Available evidence and recent case developments suggest that Ben may well be nothing more than a clever guise employed by a corrupt MHRA stakeholder to conceal their real identity and to escape potential criminal charges.

The possibility, though astounding, is nonetheless very probable.

In light of this person’s apparently lacklustre ability to fulfil their responsibilities, assuming a false identity would ensure that no one is held accountable for such shortcomings. Indeed, how can we hold accountable someone who seemingly doesn’t exist for having communicated false information, on behalf of a governmental body no less, when responding to a Freedom of Information request?

We have contacted the MHRA and requested more information about the last name and position of the ever-elusive Ben. The MHRA is yet to respond. Will Ben respond himself and put our minds at rest, or will we be left forever wondering if Ben is as real as the Tooth Fairy or the Boogie Man?

This page will be updated once more information and evidence is collected.

Case status:
Under investigation