Durham Constabulary Unlawfully Monitors Devices and Conversations

In a shocking and alarming new turn of events, Durham Constabulary has resorted to unlawfully monitoring the devices and communications of Mrs H. S. and Mr A. F. S. in order to prevent public disclosure of rampant corruption in their force.

In a desperate effort to gain intelligence by any means necessary and to prevent disclosure of high-level corruption within their force, Durham Constabulary has remotely gained access to the devices belonging to Mrs H. S. and Mr A. F. S. for the sole purpose of monitoring their telephone conversations and intercepting email communications.

Mrs H. S. has attempted to take legal action against Durham Constabulary on two occasions, but to date she has been prevented from so doing by officers of the Constabulary intercepting her communications with various firms of solicitors which she had contacted.

Mrs H. S. engaged the services of two separate law firms specialising in ‘actions against the police’ cases, paying hefty deposits on both occasions, with a view to issuing legal proceedings against Durham Constabulary on grounds of corruption, human rights violations, abuse of power and various instances of misfeasance in public office.

However, having learned, through their unlawful monitoring of her devices and email and phone communications, of her intentions to seek justice, Durham Constabulary wasted no time and acted swiftly — contacting and instructing the solicitors engaged by Mrs H. S. to persuade her to the contrary.

The solicitors accordingly complied with the police’s instructions, either due to fear of retaliation, if they disagreed to act as instructed, or due to personal greed and the promise of a worthwhile reward.

Despite the strength of her case and the overwhelming amount of evidence in her possession, both solicitors had made valiant attempts to desuade Mrs H. S. from taking legal action against the Constabulary.

That officers of the law — whom we entrust to protect us and act for our better good — would sink so low is unfathomable. From a legal standpoint, monitoring someone’s devices and communications amounts to a gross invasion of their privacy punishable by law. Without a valid magistrate’s warrant, the police simply cannot proceed to snoop into someone’s private life.

But when you’re dealing with corrupt officers anxious to cover their backs at all costs, there can be no question of doing things the proper way, especially if the targets are innocent individuals whose only mistake has been seeking justice.

The unlawful monitoring of Mrs H. S. and Mr A. F. S.’s devices and correspondence continues and it is yet to be revealed how far the bluecoats are willing to go to protect their interests and cover their tracks.